To whom present it?

The auto-certification can always be presented, in substitution of the normal registry certification, in every office of the Public Administration and to the managers or traders of public services, as, for example:

  • segnalestradaleMunicipality;
  • Province;
  • Region;
  • Police Headquarter;
  • Prefecture;
  • ASL (Local Health Unit);
  • Every order or degree school;
  • INPS;
  • Eployment Agency;
  • Post Offices (on postal services);
  • ENEL (energy Agency);
  • Potable water Agency;
  • Gas agency;
  • Telephonic services manager;
  • Public transport Agencies.

The employee of one of these offices who doesn’t accept the auto-certification is punishable of violation of office duties.

It’s also expected that private subjects who want it (so banks, insurance agencies, professional studies, companies…) can also accept the auto-certification.